Behind The Games: Lindsey Valenzuela

A look behind the 13.2 competitor Lindsey Valenzuela.

An Interview with Lindsey Valenzuela


Lindsey Valenzuela put on an impressive performance this year at the SoCal Regionals and earned herself a spot at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. And if that wasn’t exciting enough… this past weekend she finished second overall at Nationals in the 75kg class with a total of 188kg (81kg snatch and 107kg clean and jerk).  We caught up with her prior to these two events to get to know her a little better.

What is your athletic background before CrossFit?

My main sport before starting CrossFit was volleyball. I played throughout my collegiate career at California Lutheran University. During my time at Cal Lutheran I was named Female Athlete of Year, a three time All American, was a regional champion with my team, team MVP for two years, won the Regal Award my junior year, and was all SCIAC player three years in a row.

Once my collegiate career was completed, I picked up my barbell and started competing in Olympic weightlifting. I had been weightlifting for a while at that point for sport specific reasons, but now I wanted to focus on form and go heavier! Along the way a trainer I knew introduced me to CrossFit. My first workout was ‘filthy filthy’ and I was hooked! I loved the intensity I felt. I still love the feeling of competing with myself mentally, and after accomplishing movements I would have never thought about trying before CrossFit.

When did you decide to start competing in CrossFit?

I competed in my first CrossFit competition in 2009 with only two months of experience, and placed 13th in the Southwest Regionals. I quickly realized the amount of training I would need to do to accomplish my CrossFit goals. From that day on, I dedicated myself to compete in CrossFit and had discovered something that would change my life forever.

How has being a competitive Olympic Weightlifter helped you be a better CrossFitter?

The journey of being a CrossFitter and Olympic Weightlifter has helped me realize my true potential as a female athlete. Training at Valley CrossFit alongside some of the best female CrossFitters in the world, I find myself being inspired to become the best athlete I can become. I lift at CrossFit High Voltage with world famous Coach Bob Takano and every day I am accomplishing lifts that I only dreamt about a couple months ago.

How do these skills apply to your life outside of competition?

Outside of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting I am currently the assistant strength and conditioning coach at a Harvard Westlake Prep School. I get to do what I love everyday and I enjoy every minute of it. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished as a coach when I see my athletes build not only in strength, but also in character.

Where do you see yourself going with CrossFit/Olympic Lifting?

My journey as a CrossFitter and Olympic weightlifter have just begun, and my plans for my future are big! I am currently ranked eighth in the nation for Olympic weightlifting in the 69kg weight class and I am preparing for nationals in July. I am also preparing for the CrossFit Open Sectionals and Regionals that are soon approaching. I hope to place in the top five for Weightlifting Nationals and make it to the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. I also plan to compete at the Crossfit Games. I know with the help from my coaches, family, husband, the Crossfit Community, and total belief in myself I can accomplish the goals I have set for myself.  Lindsey place 2nd at Nationals & is going to CrossFit Games!

 Competition Record:

  • 3rd place Crossfit/USAW Open, Colorado Springs, CO
  • 1st place American Record Makers Open, 2011, Los Angeles Fitness Expo, Los Angeles, CA.
  • 4th place in 2010 Southwest Sectionals, Los Angeles, CA
  • 8th place at 2010 American Open Weightlifting Championships, Cincinati, OH
  • 5th place Overall National ranking in USAW 69kg women’s weight class
  • 21st place in 2010 Southwest Regional’s, Irvine, CA
  • 4th place in Second Annual Next Level Invitational, Lake Forrest, CA
  • 3rd place in Third Annual Next Level Invitational, Lake Forrest, CA
  • Tied for 1st place overall currently in Next level Invitational

Performance Statistics:

  • Snatch: 176lbs
  • Clean and jerk: 222lbs
  • Clean: 222lbs
  • Dead lift: 335lbs
  • Press: 135lbs
  • Bench Press: 160lbs
  • Overhead squat: 205lbs
  • Helen: 9:15
  • Cindy: 22 rounds
  • Grace: 2:16
  • Fran: 3:47
  • Max pull-ups: 33
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