Fitness On A Budget


Hey all you fitness Mongrels! I just wanted to go over a few things with you about buying fitness equipment on a college budget. Obviously your biggest purchase is going to be bumper plates, (unless you want puchase a squat rack/pull-up). I found some great websites for that college friendly budget:

Get RxD

Personally I bought a pair of plates from rage fitness and went through Dicks Sporting goods in order to cut down on shipping costs.

1.Choice! Dicks Sporting Goods Bumper Plates

2. Choice Rage Fitness Bumper Plates

Shipping prices are the real set back because of how heavy they are if you were to buy a package deal of 160lbs of them.

Between and they pretty much solve all your problems and can be shipped almost anywhere if your in a remote location.

Another option is buying it from a local distributor such as this one in the San Diego CA area. 

So be sure to check a local distributer depending on your area and compare the prices to get the best deal. These deals don’t always mean you get the best bang for your buck, because of the quality of the product depending on its use. If you are at all concerned about this you might want to step up to the Hi-temp Plates because of their ability to be thrashed down in all kinds of conditions. I however have never had any problems with Rage Bumper Plates, I don’t use them as much as a Affiliate gym, but I do use them more than the average joe.

These websites also have many other good products including much needed kettlebells, wall balls and jump ropes. You can get away with getting a used olympic bar at your local play it again sports. I bought my barbell for 40 bucks!!! Which is absurdly low, so you just have to shop around and frequent a used sporting goods store often. Be sure to get a somewhat decent jump rope, because you can save a lot of time learning to do double unders on a much better rope.

These are by far the best budget friendly sites that I have found when it comes to getting a discount on crossfit equipment. Stay fit Mongrels!


2 responses to “Fitness On A Budget

  1. Cheers! As a recent college grad who crossfits out of her garage, I definitely will be checking out these resources. Would love to get some bumper plates. Also, any tips on finding discounted C2 rowers? We’re having a tough time out here…

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